Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Excitement Than We Can Handle?!

Well, we had a great weekend! Jason had his class on Saturday (last one before Finals next week...wooHoo!) and I lounged around. ;-) After Jason got home from teaching, we went to Las Animas a little early. We decided that we'd like to get back into our habit of attending Mass BOTH Saturday and Sunday, so on Saturday's we'll be going to LA for Mass at St. Mary's. Jason is going to start reading there, as Fr. Grimes has been asking for more volunteers. We hung out at Jason's parents' until Mass and then had dinner with the Mom and the Dad at DQ. Yummy! Once we got home, Jason and I played all sorts of games!! It was lots of fun! We played Boggle and Scrabble! Then we watched Van Helsing since I've been reading Dracula! While we were playing games, my phone rang and upon answering it imagine my surprise that it was the Mormon Missionaries!!! :-O I was totally shocked, as they shouldn't have had that number, and I'm really curious where they got it. They asked if they could come visit, I told them I'm not Mormon anymore, but Catholic and they asked if they could please just have our address. I said no at the time, but later speaking with Jason, I thought maybe I should have let them come by if for no other reason than to let Jason use his mad Apologetics skills! ;-) But, I think that if I called them back, I would ask where they got my number and I'm afraid I know where it came from and that the knowledge will affect my interview on Thursday at PMC. So I think it's best NOT to find out.

Sunday was a day filled with Mass, chocolate chip muffins, cupcakes, time together enjoying our small, growing family, and bowling. And, oh, pregnant, swollen girls should not bowl. Man my fingers ache!!! The Mom and the Dad definitely kicked butt bowling, don't know how they did it! We also had the Dad help Jason carry up the hutch from the basement that we are going to use in the baby's room as a dresser/shelf. Super exciting!

Monday came the OB appointment and the kind of excitement we could have done without. I had my 1 hour glucose test to screen for Gestational Diabetes, and failed! :( Miserably! :'( My blood sugar was at 215 and the doctor said if it had been at around 170 that he would have ordered a second, 3 hour, test. But, since it was so high, the test would pretty much be a waste. So, now I have to drastically change my diet and stick my finger 4 times a day. Hopefully, the change in my diet will drop my blood sugar levels enough that we won't have to do anything more drastic and the doctor won't have to label me as "high risk". Please say some prayers that this happens, we could use 'em!

Well, I think that's all....well that's enough anyway! ;-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Life at Home

Well, two weeks down as a stay at home wife, and I'd say that we're adjusting well. :) It has been so awesome to get to be home for good! I've got something of a routine down for house cleaning and cooking, so I'm really hoping that when the kumquat arrives, we'll have things pretty much figured out. Except for that whole parenting thing ;-) we have time to learn that right?

Last week was Jason's birthday as well as the mom's and my nephew Kaden! Sheesh! That's a lot! Since Kaden is far away, we didn't do anything for him, but I was definitely thinking of him on his special day! :) Jason's birthday fell on Thursday and I had big plans to have a sour cherry pie and dinner ready when he got home. But the swelling cankles had different plans. :( Because the night before I had been so swollen that my poor toes could hardly move, Jason put me on bed rest. No cooking, cleaning, or baking. I was pretty sad, but the day off my feet definitely helped the swelling go down. He got his pie on Friday though! ;-)

The weekend was nice, we spent Saturday hanging out while Jason finished up his parents' computer and then we went to Las Animas for Mass as I had to read that night. I spoke with the priest about baptism for the kumquat and we've got a plan for that too, so it was really nice. We had dinner at Carmen's with the mom, dad, and Jonnie, and even went back to play games for a bit! On Sunday we celebrated both the mom and Jason's birthday with stew and cake, and we played Chinese Checkers. Really, I just don't see the fun. :-p Maybe it has to do with my inability to strategize?! After hanging out there for a bit, we stopped by my parents' house to hang out for a little while. My mom filled us full of snack foods! :) And a tamale yummy!!! She had some pepper jack cheese that was too hot for her and dad so Jason and I munched on it along with some veggies. Mom pointed out that they were snacking a bit more but on healthier things because she's finally QUIT SMOKING!!!! Hooray! What an awesome thing, and I'm so proud of her! They spent the weekend cleaning and trying to get the house free of the smoke smell, but I think she'll end up having to paint! Sorry Mom! ;-) Jason then had to go into work for a little while to get some stuff ready for the week as we were out of town Mon-Weds and Brandi had to man the IT department on her own!

Jason had a conference in Denver Monday-Wednesday and since I now have no job, I got to go with him! :-D We saw the grandma on Monday morning and that was nice to get to visit with her and Bob, they are very excited about the kumquat too! Then we went to pick up some stuff for the baby that we'd been waiting on getting. Bottles and a breast pump, along with a carrier for Jason to wear to carry the baby! :) So exciting! We had a nice lunch at Macaroni Grill and then hung out in our hotel room playing Canasta. I should say, "we hung out in the hotel room while Jason SLAUGHTERED me at Canasta", but either way, it was a lot of fun! Then the chunky, pregnant girl got hungry so we went to find some dinner. We settled on hot wings (of course! ;-)) and Jason ordered some that were even too hot for him! It was kind of fun to watch him eat them! :) OK, that's mean, he did struggle, the Atomic wings were REALLY on fire!  On Tuesday the mom and the dad came up as well, but we were sad that Jonnie wasn't feeling well enough to come with them! :( I spent the late morning and early afternoon with them and we hung out with Jason's godmother, Eileen along with her daughter, Jenny (sp?) and granddaughter Savannah. We had a yummy lunch at El Tapatio, but  you can't go wrong with Mexican. All this while Jason was at a conference, but he did say that he really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it so that's good! When Jason was done with his meeting he and I were going to head over to shop some and meet up with the mom and the dad later for dinner, but they were ready early, so we had dinner at Red Robin! Ate waaaaaaaaaaaay too much food that day for sure! But it was yummy! Then we checked out a mall and finally a Babies-R-Us. Awesome! We got more baby stuff, like diaper covers and pins and all the health stuff like the nose-sucker! ;-) We decided not to buy any baby clothes until the baby is here. We have some stuff that has been given to us, and we'll have that with us to bring the baby home from the hospital and then we'll go shopping for more gender-specific clothes. But, for the first few weeks of life, onesies will probably be just fine! It will be the end of July afterall! Wednesday I stayed in the hotel and relaxed as I was horribly swollen and really tired. Jason had his last day of the conference and was done around 3PM. We went to check out another mall before leaving and then, awesome husband that he is, Jason drove ALL the way BACK across town just so he could go through Colorado Springs to feed his wife again! :) We stopped at Olive Garden. Yummy!

Yesterday brought us back to reality, I had laundry to do and picking up to do. Jason had work and getting caught back up there. The week is over already and onto another great weekend together. Being home every night together is so great, even when we don't do anything but talk, or work on separate things, being together is so awesome. :-D And as our little family grows, I can only anticipate that it'll get even better!

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Day on the Job!

Well, today was my first official day as housewife! :) Technically you could say it was Saturday, but since I didn't really do anything....we aren't going to count that day!! ;-) We had such a nice weekend, wouldn't have wanted to add to it by adding work or something!

Well, this morning Jason let me sleep in until 6AM (I know it's so hard for him!) and we were able to get up and say morning prayer together before heading off to Mass. Oh how I've missed daily Mass! I've said it before and I'll say it again: when you CAN'T go to daily Mass it makes you feel even sorrier for all of the times that you chose not to go out of laziness/fatigue/just not feeling like it! It's such a blessing, and even more of a blessing to go as a family! :-D After Mass we had a little breakfast and Jason headed off to work. I finished my breakfast and waited for a bit to make some calls and change appointments. Then a little after 8AM I headed off for my errands of the day. They included getting my tire fixed (hooray for Deloaches!), going to the grocery store, and dropping off some bills as another aspect of my job--Spano Computer Services secretary! ;-) Once home I worked on getting our bedroom nice and clean...I've decided that it will be good for me to really clean one room a day for now to get in the groove plus to give myself time to prop my feet. I had lunch ready for Jason at noon too! :) I finished our room and did the dishes and was pretty tuckered out! I rested for the last couple hours in the afternoon before Jason got home and headed to his meeting for Relay For Life.

Dinner is simmering now, and will definitely be ready by the time Jason gets home! I am so excited and so blessed to be able to be home and to be starting my life as a stay at home wife. I know that it will really be a blessing for us and definitely for our kids! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots of Stuff!

So much to tell! It was a great weekend! I left early on Holy Thursday and when I got to town, went by my parents' to pick up the turkey for Easter dinner on Sunday. Luckily they'd taken it out of the freezer for me so that it could start to thaw. I also picked up the roaster from them, it's good to have parents who have all the stuff you need for dinner! :) Jason came home from work just a few minutes after I got everything inside and surprised me by taking me out to dinner at one of our local faves, Mission. It was so wonderful to get to eat sour cream on my Mexican food!!! ;-) Then we went to Holy Thursday Mass in Lamar and it was really nice. I tried to stay up extra late for my Jason at Adoration, but finally had to give in and tell him I was too tired. :( Friday I woke up early with Jason (who will totally say that HE slept IN with ME! ;-)) and we said morning prayers together before he left for work. I slept in and then when I got up I got the dishes done and some other stuff done for Easter dinner. Then rested my aching feet and my horribly cankly ankles. :( Jason took a late lunch at 3PM so that we could go to the Stations of the Cross together, then I dropped him off at work and went to the store to get those few things we needed for Easter dinner. We went to the Good Friday service in Lamar and again really enjoyed it, I'm so thankful to get to hear the story of the Passion of our Lord twice, liturgically. When we got home we also watched The Passion (the Mel Gibson movie), and even though it was a late night (for me, early night for Jason!), I'm very happy we did this as it is such a good visual of what our Lord went through.

Saturday Jason had his class to teach and I had some cleaning to do to get ready for both of our parents coming over for Easter! Eek! I also decided to try a new recipe for lunch. Chicken Packets. It's cream cheese and a little bit of milk to make the cream cheese creamier, and cooked chicken cut into cubes. You mix those together and put it into crescent rolls. I thought it was pretty good....Jason, on the other hand, well...let's just say he was sweet enough to eat a whole one! ;-) Then I promised him ice cream to make up for it! So, we got ready and headed to LA early to have DQ and then hung out with the Mom, the Dad, and the Jonnie until Mass. Easter Vigil Mass started at 8PM and really is a beautiful Mass!! Jason and I did three of the readings each and then the Dad did the last two readings. It's humbling to remember where we came from as we listen to 7 Old Testament readings, and to make a new promise to think more on where we want to be going daily. :)

I missed Easter Sunday Mass so that I could babysit the turkey. :( I know it's not mandatory to go to Mass on both the Vigil and Sunday, but I was really sad to miss it. If we have Easter dinner at our house again next year, we're having a casserole or something simpler! ;-) Once Jason got home we finished getting ready for everyone to get there! I'll take this time to reiterate what a wonderful husband I have! He cleaned up the bathrooms, continually checked on food and did whatever I needed/wanted him to do all morning so as to make things easier on me! He sure is wonderful! :-D We had a great meal; the Mom brought cheesy broccoli and some veggie pasta thing, and of course ice cream, we had turkey and ham and rolls, and my mom and dad brought Granny Bev's apple pie (yummy!), devilled eggs, Dad's mashed potatoes (totally the best!!), and chocolate chip cupcakes! It was lots of good food. The parents sat and enjoyed each other's company, I went between the kitchen and dining room, and Jason and Jonnie did the dishes! Which was so awesome!!! :)

After food and dessert we decided to play UNO Flash! My mom and dad hadn't played it before, and it took a while to catch on, but I think they really liked it. Maybe they would have caught on better if their daughter had actually told them ALL the rules at the beginning....hmmm........nah! ;-) But, dad still lost as he kept having to draw 6! Good thing he was a good sport!

This week is my last week at St. Catherine's and I'm soooo excited! I'm ready to be home spending every evening with Jason! He's taken on doing side computer work again so I know we won't have all of our lazy time together like we do on the weekends, but still getting to spend time in the same HOUSE at least will be great! :-D I can't wait to be a stay at home wife...of course now Jason might have to endure more new recipes! ;-) I'm counting down the days and I think some of my coworkers are too. I'll be so glad to not have the stress of working in a drama filled office anymore, and again am SO thankful to have a wonderful husband who is bringing me home!!!

On my last week here the Mom and the Jonnie decided to visit today, since I only had one patient all day. Yes, you read that correctly, one patient...all day. :-|We went to Walmart, Target, and Dillon's! Whoa! Lots of shopping! We also went to the Golden Dragon for lunch and it was pretty yummy today! At Target we were looking at baby stuff (of course!) and I am sooo ready to get all the rest of the stuff for the baby. OK, not ALL of it, but definitely ready to get more baby goodies at home! :) I can't wait to meet the kumquat!!!

Well, that seems like enough for now! Jason and I are really blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with our family over the weekend; our little family of 2 1/2, plus our larger family!