Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've Been a Little Behind

We started this week needing 1.48km to finish our first leg of our journey. Yesterday, we managed .79km leaving .69km to go. This morning we were able to go 2.94km on our walk. So we were able to get 2.25km on our next leg of the journey which is the last view of Hobbiton.

J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hill - Hobbiton-across-the-Water (Colored).jpg

Hopefully we can keep adding to our journey. It would be my luck that just as I set up something as cool as this journey for motivation that I miss more days of walking than I have since I started. Sigh. But, with 11.75km to go in this leg, there will be no more slacking.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost to the Brandywine Bridge!

view across the shire, Matamata, New Zealand
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: Hobbiton

Well, our trek missed one day, because yesterday I was recovering from what I can only assume was heat exhaustion. So, our first leg has 8km in it if you'll remember. And the first day we put in 3.88km. Today we managed 2.64km. I have an awesome program that I am using to measure my distance, and will hopefully show some screen shots, when it works the way I want it to. ;-)

So, we have 1.48km to go and I am sure we'll hit that tomorrow and get going on the next leg, for our last view of Hobbiton.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the Road to Brandywine Bridge

Well, we officially left "The Shire" this afternoon. It was 98d.

No, Gandalf wasn't with us, but hey this is a good picture. According to our document there is 8km in our first leg. We traveled 3.88km today. It was not fun, or pretty. But we did it. More tomorrow!

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

Ah so, I'm a geek. I just recently re-read the Lord of the Rings books. I am working on exercising more, and am doing this with a daily walk. So, I've been wanting to do something kind of fun with my walk, and thought about measuring a distance from here to Disney World or something, but thought this would be more fun, as I remembered reading a blog post about it before. So, then I decided, before trying to do a map or something myself, that I would use my best Internet friend: Google. And, I found some great stuff!!!

I am doing this challenge because he already did all the work for me. Including some handy dandy documents. There are links for maps if you want to mark it down on a map even! So neat. And of course you can always use Google Maps.

So, now I just need to remember how to convert miles to kilometers...oh wait, I have Google! Ha! So, everyday I will do at least one post to let you know how much closer to Mordor I am, and how the boys are doing in their stroller for the trip. ;-) Just think if Samwise and Frodo had to push whiney toddlers or babies. Yikes!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Room Switching, Bed Moving, and No Sleeping...

Well, hello there blog, I've missed you. No, really. I've had such a hard time getting back into my blogging groove. I don't know why, you know I have tons to say. So, this will be a bit of a catch-up post, and then hopefully I can get back into the swing.

Jason's parents gave us the crib that they had used for our nephew and nieces, that no longer need it. So, I decided that it was a prime time to move things and babies around. We have a plan of having boys sleeping in one room and any potential girls sleeping in another room, and all the dressers and things in the bigger room. Our living room is essentially the playroom, so there is no need to have toys in their rooms. We attempted to put the boys in the same room, but they are both waking up so much still that they were waking each other up and nobody was getting decent sleep. So we moved Christopher's crib into the living room. The problem with this is when Dominic isn't asleep when Christopher is. So I knew this couldn't be a permanent fix. We don't have a third bedroom upstairs, we have a small room that Jason (sort of) used as an office. Well, I took it away from him (what a mean wife!). And we put that extra crib from Jason's parents in there, but wait...that's apparently not enough change for me! Dominic's sleeping hasn't been that great lately. As in, he wakes up in full freak-out scream, and only calms down when we're holding him. This has resulted in lots of sleeping w/ momma and daddy because, let's face it, we're lazy at 2AM. So, I decided that maybe we would try setting Dominic's new crib up as a toddler bed, so that we could lie down next to him and maybe calm him to sleep.

That works. 4 or 5 or 6 times a night it works. Poor Jason.

Sigh...this is one of those times that we have to remember that these moments, as long as they seem in the middle of the night, are fleeting. We will someday miss the fact that our boys don't want to cuddle up next to us, when they will not sleep the best with their feet firmly planted against one of us and their heads cuddled in the crook of the others' arm. But, it's hard to remember that in the middle of the night.