Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 10, 2014

An Afternoon Project

So I've been trying to get the boys to do some craft type stuff. Maybe just coloring or maybe cutting and gluing stuff onto paper. But they really haven't shown an interest in almost anything. This afternoon Christopher grabbed the paint out of our art box, So I put out the paint brushes too. Pretty soon Dominic came in to join the fun.

Here's what we did!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Small Succes (Vol 5)

Wow what a week, it seems like it has been a long week, but what do you know tomorrow is Friday?! So that means that today I'm joining those at Catholic Mom and celebrating the small successes of this week.

Small Success Thursday 

1) Yesterday we drove 4 hours to go see Alton Brown in Greeley which is not my success for the week, as Jason drove for me because the roads were kind of icy. But two of my friends were going with me and we went straight to one of their houses when we got to town and the boys played with her kids. She has a 4 year old and a 2 year old. The success? Christopher played with the other kids! In a room without Jason or me in there! And!!! He let my friend's husband hold his hand and play with him! It was such a big deal for him because he's usually not interested in other people at all.

2) I've managed to work out every day this week except for yesterday because it included a total of 8 hours in a car. I didn't always wake up to do it, but I've gotten my workouts in and as a result, I'm down 2#s this week. I plan to do a weight loss update because things got kind of crazy in regards to that, but it will probably be next week sometime.

3) I've significantly lowered screen time this week for the boys and made an attempt to start some homeschool preschool, but that hasn't gone as "by the book" as expected. Nonetheless, the boys played this morning with play-doh and puzzles and Dominic seems to be listening and responding better. The curricula I purchased gave a lot of great unschool type activities, which is what I seemed to be lacking.

Go to to see everyone else's successes!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Wonderland

We're finally getting some good snow this Winter, we had some (maybe 2 inches?) on Saturday night and last night it started again. It is very pretty.

But it is hard to get it all shovelled up, making a nice extra cardio workout for me. It looks so pretty and nice right? I'm loving it...except that tomorrow I'm driving 250 miles to go to Greeley to see my cooking hero Alton Brown. He's doing a show in my old home town and I'm going with two girl friends. If it is too bad, Jason will have to drive me up and go hang out somewhere with the boys while we go to the show. He's a good husband!

Completely unrelated, here are some adorable pictures of the boys that I haven't gotten to share yet!

And here is one that Google+ "helped" by removing the moving objects. ;-)