Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cute Little Boy Pictured Overload!!! (And an update!)

I'm working super hard to get some regularity with my blog posts...2 in a row? That's a win in my book! :)

So, if you've read any of my posts in the past, you might know that Jason and I have been trying to have another baby. We are looking at 22 months right now. We weren't expecting to have any trouble getting pregnant. We got pregnant with both boys so quickly, that we assumed that it would always be like that. I've been struggling with letting go. It's hard for me to not want things to happen in my own time, and not God's time. But, I've finally hit a point where I feel better. I'm more comfortable with the wait. And I have a wonderful experience at Confession to thank for that.

We'd been to the doctor about 3 months ago. He did some blood tests and ruled out certain, obvious problems. He told me that he wanted me to continue using ovulation predictor kits and if we weren't pregnant in another 2 cycles, to come back. So I did last week.

I mentioned that Jason had brought home a booklet about infertility for me to read (always a bad idea as I'm one of those hypochondriac-types who Googles and then finds herself having all the symptoms), and it talked about scar tissue causing problems. I scar very badly, often hypertrophic scars (which I had always thought it was actually keloid until I researched to find a link for this! Who knew??). My doctor said that it was definitely a possibility and that it was going to be our next step. So, next week I'm going to have a procedure done which will show the doctor if my tubes are blocked by scar tissue, some other reason, or if everything looks healthy. If everything actually looks good, the only next step is to see an infertility specialist. We will cross that bridge later. Right now I'm trying to focus on this test.

So please pray for us, for me, for the doctor. It's just a test, and there's technically nothing to worry about, but I am. 

***the random sets of pictures are just because I realized that I have so many pictures that are often not shared anywhere else, and it is so fun to look at the boys growing up!***

Monday, August 4, 2014

Is There Anybody Out There?

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I haven't blogged since MAY!! Whoa! I'm not even sure if I have any regular readers. But if I do, I'm sorry. :)

This post, by nature of having been out of touch for nearly two months, is going to be a bit of word/picture/story vomit.

August 1 was Dominic's birthday! Four years old already! I'm so shocked still that time has gone that quickly. It seriously feels like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital.

Today is actually the anniversary of his baptism. A wonderful moment in time. I wish I could have saved the scent of the chrism oil on his forehead. And I totally can't find any pictures of Dominic's baptism. I know we have them, I just don't know where!!

At the end of June we took a vacation down to Texas. We drove slowly to get there, resting often at local parks and stopping for food. We went to San Antonio for a couple days and enjoyed the riverwalk. We managed to forget what street the parking garage we parked in was on the first time we went, so that was every little bit of fun that you can imagine. 

We saw all sorts of interesting things in San Antonio...horse drawn carriages, the Alamo, and even a familiar time traveling machine.

This band was singing in the street and the were really great. As we started walking away they incorporated Jason and the boys into their song. It was very cool!

We visited the zoo where Dominic got to ride an elephant. ;-)

One of our many train rides, this was enough to make Dominic happy for the whole trip.

San Antonio had an awesome Children's museum that the boys loved and we spent a long time there. Much longer than I would have thought possible.

We did not get a golden nose at Chik-Fil-A and win an awesome prize. But there's this so that is even better if you ask me. :)

Dominic giving Stuart Little a kiss, and Christopher wondering why he couldn't fit in the car alongside Dominic.

"Outta Time"

Then we went to Austin for a couple days. Initially our plan was to visit all of the splash parks, but Christopher suddenly hated them and it rained. A lot. So we actually ended up leaving Austin early. Also, I didn't plan well, and I didn't realize how far our hotel was from...everything. :-/

Another train ride!

We visited Austin's aquarium. Honestly, I don't recommend it. It was crazy expensive and only a few rooms. This happened to be one of the good parts as Dominic was allowed to put his hand in and let the gold fish nibble on his fingers. Oh yes, you read that right, gold fish. I rest my case.

This was actually during the drive from San Antonio to Austin; the rain was really awful.

Christopher was perilously hanging on the ledge.

I think Christopher didn't like the splash park because there were too many kids. Dominic enjoyed the kids...even if they ignored him completely.

Dominic got up there and said "Diego!" This was outside a free museum that had dinosaur bones. A huge hit with Dominic. A stressful mess for Christopher.

We actually got rained out here, but it was a great park. There were tons of great parks in Austin. You just had to pay to park at most, or drive 1/2 an hour minimum.

I'll leave you with these entertaining videos of the kids beating up SpongeBob.